Moroccan Pottery and ceramic

Moroccan ceramic bowl

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Ceramic bowls Moroccan pattern grey. Salad bowl with rim, handmade and hand painted in traditional grey-white design. Modern ceramic, dishwasher safe.

We have strong ties with the Moroccan craftsmen that make our wonderful products. Of every single item made, it’s known who made it. You can be sure it’s handmade and unique, and, most of the time, exclusively made for Household Hardware.

Our ceramics are unique pieces, mostly handicrafts and handmade. Therefore they can differ from each other. Small irregularities and shape unevenness are part of the product’s charm and a sign of traditional craftsmanship. They cannot be considered as a product fault.

100% Handcrafted

Crafted in the heart of the Atlas Mountains.

Unique Moroccan quality

Only the best quality product reach our catalog.