Made of the finest quality wool

Exclusive Rugs

Part of our collection of modern Beni Ouaran rugs is a double knott rug, made from the finest quality wool, washed and dried up to eight times after weaving to improve its appearance.  Repeated washing gives the wool its soft, silky texture.  These rugs are specially designed for Riad Interior. Other colors or sizes are available after consultation.  Additional photos are available on request.

Berkane rug

Sere 427 Details

Bni M'Guild Rug

Sere 457 Details

Tiflet Rug SOLD

Sere 453 SOLD Details

Tan-Tan rug

Sere 451 Details

Boulmane rug

Sere 64 Details

Martil rug

Sere 43 Details

Smara rug

Sere 41 Details

Sefrou rug

Sere 36 Details

Jerada rug

Sere 52 Details

Settat rug

Sere 445 Details

Azrou rug

Sere 609 Details

Nador Rug SOLD

Sere 55 SOLD Details

Safi Rug SOLD

Sere 31 SOLD Details

Ifrane rug SOLD

Sere 34 SOLD Details

Agadir rug

Sere 1972 Details

Merzouga rug

Sere 2074 Details

Tanger rug

Sere 1957 Details

Chefchaouen rug

Sere 1963 Details

Temara Rug SOLD

Sere 1959 SOLD Details

Tiznit rug SOLD

Sere 1955 SOLD Details

Berkane rug SOLD

Sere 1953 SOLD Details

Essaouira Rug SOLD

Sere 1961 SOLD Details

Taza rug

Sere 1951 Details

Oujda Rug

Sere 1947 Details

Tetouan rug

Sere 1945 Details

Kenitra rug

Sere 1943 Details

Meknes rug

Sere 1913 Details

Marrakech rug

Sere 1911 SOLD Details

Rabat Rug

sere 1909 Details

Fez blue rug

Sere 1908 Details

Casablanca rug SOLD

Sere 1905 SOLD Details
100% Handcrafted

Crafted in the heart of the Atlas Mountains.

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