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Welcome to Riad Interior.

Riad Interior is a creation of a young woman born in the The Netherlands but enriched with the Moroccan culture from her parents.

Inspired by the beauty and rawness of Morocco, its residents, and their colourful craftsmanship she dicided to bring the modern European and the amazing Moroccan world together.

At Riad Interior we take you to the atmosphere of Morocco.

With the beautiful Moroccan home accessories you create in no time a touch of Marrakesh in your store. As an wholesaler we will not only deliver the finest treasures but also advise,grow and support  our customers.

The Riad Interior team are verry passionate about the Moroccan Interior, lifestyle and artisans. Regularly me and my team travel to Morocco to get inspired and to offer you the best and most beautiful vintage Moroccan interior & Lifestyle items for your shop. All of our products are made by hand. We are specialised in vintage Moroccan rugs, wedding blankets, cotton and wool blankets, vintage poufs and pillows etc. 










No mandatory minimum purchase

No mandatory minimum purchase

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We ship worldwide

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Custom made rugs

Custom made rugs

Custom made products for your shop.
Showroom in Europe

Showroom in Europe

You are more then welcome to visit our showroom in The Netherlands
100% Handcrafted

Crafted in the heart of the Atlas Mountains.

Unique Moroccan quality

Only the best quality product reach our catalog.

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Beni Ouarain 1454

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Beni Ouarain rug 0035

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Boucherouite rug 440

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